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Spa Treatments

All our spa therapy treatments begin with a ritual foot cleanse.


Magnesium Thermal Spa

The Magnesium Thermal Spa assists the body to build and store optimum levels of Magnesium through the skin, promoting a feeling of well-being and aiding recovery from injury, aches and pains. An invigorating sensation, yet utterly relaxing and detoxifying too.

Heated to 37 degrees, our Mineral Therapy pool works through the absorption of Magnesium & Potassium Chloride through the skin. Having a powerful effect on the bodies recovery and well-being.


Rainstorm Vichy Shower

Embrace the luxury of seven individually controlled showerheads cascading warm water over the body to gently massage and soothe you. A body exfoliation and wrap are performed while lying under your own personal “waterfall”. The showerheads and water can be controlled pressure and temperature controlled for individual’s likes.



A warm waterbed coupled with infrared and vibration therapy provide encapsulates and supports the body in the best way possible.. The waterbed is kind to any aches and pains while the infrared releases warmth. Allowing for a deeper infusion of our antioxidant rich body wraps and scrubs. The vibrations gently relax muscles and you will feel like you are floating on a wave in the Mediterranean.


Turkish Room (Hamam)

Fall under the spell of this enchanting traditional Moroccan and Turkish cleansing ritual performed in a wet steam and warmed marble room. You will emerge cleansed, relaxed, detoxified and energised.

A Hamam has been used for centuries as a focal point of the community, where men and women come together and take time out for themselves, catch up on all the news and energetically cleanse and purify their skin and body.


Cleopatra Thermotherapy

Providing unprecedented health benefits and a profound sense of deep relaxation all while reclining on the world’s most elegant form of thermotherapy. Our infrared-heated, ergonomically perfect, marble stone lounge will melt your body’s tension . Unlike other “heat” therapies infrared heat penetrates below the skin’s surface. Ideal treatment also for arthritis and rheumatism.


Geisha Spa Ritual

This sublime treatment’s central feature is our unique metal hot tub. Deep enough to immerse your whole body and comfortable holds two people. Choose between a detoxifying Seaweed Soak or hydrating Milk Bath.

For Your Convenience

As we are open extended hours to serve you better, please be aware that a 15% surcharge applies for Sundays and public holidays.


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