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Colonics Detox Package


Treatment Description

One Infrared Sauna/Detox to start your treatment.

It would be an advantage if you had a light meal or liquid diet on the prior evening of your appointment.

60min Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

The lymphatic system is the secondary system of circulation in the body with the tasks are cleaning and nourishing the cells. Lymph is a clear fluid containing nutrients and oxygen similar to blood but without the red and white corpuscles. It comes from the general circulation and is deposited around the cells to keep them nourished.  The cells are able to discard waste and toxic materials into this fluid.  The lymphatic vessels pick up this waste and any excess fluid from around cells and transport it, via the lymph nodes which filter it, back into the general circulation.  A Colonic will assist in the hydrating processes taking this waste out of the body. 

60min Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment: Assist in clearing matter from the bowl walls, hydrating and helping in better production of B12 via good bacteria in your colon.

After your treatment you could experience some headaches or nausea during a detox program as above as toxins leave your liver and organs. This is common in any detox program.

Treatment ADD ON:

30min $50.00     Ionic Foot Spa, Energises the the body and help support the body to cleanse naturally.

Finish off with a foot Scrub, cleanse and moisturiser to finish. 

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