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Great for men and women

  • Organic Facial Treatment
    Organic Facial Treatment
    60min  $125.00       A customised solution for individual skins. This Facial therapy commences with a unique cleansing ritual and innovative skin vitality check. Pure and sustainable...
  • Anti-Age Treatment
    Anti-Age Treatment
    60min             To reduce deepness of wrinkles and to improve skins tone and elasticity as well as energising, nourishing and hydrating the skin.  
  • Collagen Facial
    Collagen Facial
    60 min         This indulgent yet results driven skin therapy commences with a cleanse and diagnostic ritual. An intensive collagen ampoule is applied to the skin and massaged in, then apply a a collagen...
  • The Face Works
    The Face Works
    90min      Full body Scrub/Facial/Foot treatment  Start with our full body scrub/shower to make you feel invigorated and revitalized, then your 60min Organic Facial and to finalize a foot massage...
  • Express 'Mini' Facial
    Express 'Mini' Facial
    30min           Only used as an add on treatment. Incorporates cleanse, deep exfoliation, mask and treatment moisturizer.     This add on facial can be usd with other booked in treatments...
  • High Result Cosmetic 40% Peel Facial
    High Result Cosmetic 40% Peel Facial
    60min 185.00          The Cosmetic Peeling that Renews the Skin in a few treatments. With AHA (Glycolic, Latic, citric, mandelic) fluid 40% Exfoliating...
  • Hydration Treatment
    Hydration Treatment
    60min             A divine facial to replenish the skin with essential moisture and diminish the signs of premature ageing. This moisture rich mask incorporates a mask to enhance cell function...
  • Signature Organic Facial
    Signature Organic Facial
    90min           Begin with an extended massage to the back area followed by a customised organic skin treatment incorporating pure aromatherapy blends to rebalance your skin and adapted to your...
  • Radiant Eye Treatment
    Radiant Eye Treatment
    30min           "Restore Luxurious eye treatment" to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. This exceptional treatment immediately improves micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage of the eye...
  • Sensitive Skin Treatment
    Sensitive Skin Treatment
    60min           A soothing facial designed to decongest and nurture sensitive skin. This gentle facial delivers essential nutrition, targeting specific skin cells to enhance immunity whilst...
  • Peel with Collagen Mask
    Peel with Collagen Mask
    75 min                        This Cosmetic Peel with AHA fluid Exfoliating to outer surface for a high result up to 40%. Then immediately adding a intensifying...

For Your Convenience

As we are open extended hours to serve you better, please be aware that a 15% surcharge applies for Sundays and public holidays.


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